Troubleshooting issues on your own server#

This is an incomplete list of issues people have run into when installing TLJH on their own servers, and ways they have fixed them. Before trying any of them, also consider whether turning your machine on and off and/or deleting the VM and starting over could solve the problem; it has done so on a surprisingly high number of occasions!

Outgoing HTTP proxy required#

If your server is behind a firewall that requires a HTTP proxy to reach the internet, run these commands before running the installer

export http_proxy=<your_proxy-server>

HTTPS certificate interception#

If your server is behind a firewall that intercepts HTTPS requests and re-signs them, you might have to explicitly tell TLJH which certificates to use.

export REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE=</directory/with/your/ssl/certificates>
sudo npm config set cafile=</directory/with/your/ssl/certificates>