The Littlest JupyterHub#

A simple JupyterHub distribution for a small (0-100) number of users on a single server. We recommend reading When to use The Littlest JupyterHub to determine if this is the right tool for you.

Development Status#

This project is currently in beta state. Folks have been using installations of TLJH for more than a year now to great success. While we try hard not to, we might still make breaking changes that have no clear upgrade pathway.


The Littlest JupyterHub (TLJH) can run on any server that is running Debian 11 or Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04 on an amd64 or arm64 CPU architecture. We aim to support ‘stable’ and Long-Term Support (LTS) versions. Newer versions are likely to work with little or no adjustment, but these are not officially supported or tested. Earlier versions of Ubuntu and Debian are not supported, nor are other Linux distributions. We have a bunch of tutorials to get you started.

Once you are ready to run your server for real, it’s a good idea to proceed directly to Enable HTTPS.

How-To Guides#

How-To guides answer the question ‘How do I…?’ for a lot of topics.

Topic Guides#

Topic guides provide in-depth explanations of specific topics.


The reference documentation is meant to provide narrowly scoped technical descriptions that other documentation can link to for details.


In time, all systems have issues that need to be debugged. Troubleshooting guides help you find what is broken & hopefully fix it.


We want you to contribute to TLJH in the ways that are most useful and exciting to you. This section contains documentation helpful to people contributing in various ways.