Authenticate any user with a single shared password#


The Dummy Authenticator lets any user log in with the given password. This authenticator is extremely insecure, so do not use it if you can avoid it.

Enabling the authenticator#

  1. Always use DummyAuthenticator with a password. You can communicate this password to all your users via an out of band mechanism (like writing on a whiteboard). Once you have selected a password, configure TLJH to use the password by executing the following from an admin console.

    sudo tljh-config set auth.DummyAuthenticator.password <password>

    Remember to replace <password> with the password you choose.

  2. Enable the authenticator and reload config to apply configuration:

    sudo tljh-config set auth.type dummy
    sudo tljh-config reload

Users who are currently logged in will continue to be logged in. When they log out and try to log back in, they will be asked to provide a username and password.

Changing the password#

The password used by DummyAuthenticator can be changed with the following commands:

tljh-config set auth.DummyAuthenticator.password <new-password>
tljh-config reload