Let users sign up with a username and password#


This documentation is not being updated regularly and may be out of date. Due to that, please only use this as a complement to the official NativeAuthenticator documentation.

Going onwards, the goal is to ensure we have good documentation in the NativeAuthenticator project and reference that instead of maintaining similar documentation in this project also.

The Native Authenticator lets users signup for creating a new username and password. When they signup, they won’t be able to login until they are authorized by an admin. Users that are characterized as admin have to signup as well, but they will be authorized automatically.

Enabling the authenticator#

Enable the authenticator and reload config to apply the configuration:

sudo tljh-config set auth.type nativeauthenticator.NativeAuthenticator
sudo tljh-config reload

Allowing all users to be authorized after signup#

By default, all users created on signup don’t have authorization to login. If you wish to allow any user to access the JupyterHub just after the signup, run the following command:

tljh-config set auth.NativeAuthenticator.open_signup true
tljh-config reload

Optional features#

More optional features are available on the authenticator documentation